What's in a Name?

One thing that draws me to antique and vintage jewelry is engraving ... the names, monograms, momentous dates, titles and achievements that frequently adorned old fobs, lockets, and medals. Take, for example, this sweet little antique fob, dedicated to Clarence.  Although I may not know the story behind the engraving, I am captivated by the love and meaning and sentiment in each little trinket.  It makes me want to adopt these orphans, spruce them up, and find them good homes.  Don't you want to make room in your heart and your jewelry box for this little slice of history?  Yes, I thought so.

Mrs. Gotrocks

Brides: It's Old. It's New. It's Blue.


It has the look of an Edwardian "negligee" necklace, while at the same time looking completely fresh and modern. Antique, yet contemporary. The facets and movement of the dangling blue stones give it a little sparkle, while not upstaging the dress, or the bride. Trust me, this will look amazing with your gown. A little old, a little new, a little blue. Borrowed? You'll have to figure that one out on your own. 

Mrs. Gotrocks