A Token of Love

Look closely Very closely. This is a coin, but a coin like no other. A British florin, one tenth of a pound. The obverse reads "Victoria d: g: Britt: Reg: f: d: mdccclxxi" meaning Victoria by the Grace of God, Queen of Britain, Defender of the Faith, 1871.  Showing much wear after almost 150 years, this beauty shows signs of its former glory. Hints of an intricate lace bodice, a fleur de lis studded crown, lions, a thistle and shamrock, and the shadow of an Irish harp.  This coin is a stunning rarity.  

And yet there is something even more striking and unique at play.  This florin is also a Love Token, sweetly engraved with the names Carrie and Willie. Carrie and Willie ... Were they engaged to one another, married perhaps, or are those the names of someone's children, maybe even twins? We can speculate, but we can also appreciate this sweet and simple token of love.  Strung on a chain of blue topaz, adorned with an antique tassel fob, you will not find another like it.  

Mrs. Gotrocks

Sweet Somethings

Just in time for the holidays! Tell Santa you want a sweet something from GotRocks Jewelry Design to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. These beauties are totally unique and sure to start a conversation. Wear a piece of history this holiday! Email me with questions about any of these sweet pieces at tricia@gotrocksjewelrydesign.com.

Mrs. Gotrocks